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parisAapo Nikkanen & Léa Domingues

HAVE NEED FORUM a zone for critical discussion about the environment of fashion

HAVE/NEED Forum is an independent, multi-disciplinary event that hosts a series of exchanges between designers, thinkers, makers, and artists.

In their multi-disciplinary project, Aapo Nikkanen and Léa Domingues delve into the problems of the fashion industry through discussions, workshops, and artworks.

The forum, launched in June 2023 in Paris, invites the public to reflect on the problems in the fashion and garment industry. The concept is realised in collaboration with Institut finlandais.


Launch event in Paris

Sunday 18th of June, 3:00 – 8:00 pm, 35-37 rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris

15h30 – One : Making it
with Gabriel Figueiredo and Ruby Hoette

16h30 – Two : Building it
with Hubert Crabières and Alexis Etienne


18h00 – Three: Performing it
with Ethics Angels Company dir. Flora Bouteille

18h30 – Four: Contemplating it
With: Emanuele Coccia, Gabriel Figueiredo, Ruby Hoette, Hubert Crabières, Alexis Etienne, Flora Bouteille and Ethics Angels Company, River Yarra

Artistic direction: Léa Domingues  & Aapo Nikkanen
Graphic direction: Manon Michèle
Performance direction: Flora Bouteille

The event is free and open for everyone.

Please visit the HAVE/NEED online forum.

Support: 3537, Institut finlandais & Together Again


At the Together Again Festival

Roll in Circles explores the notions of documentation from different perspectives. The baseline of the video is a poem written by FRAN, a Paris-based poet and musician, whom Nikkanen and Domingues invited to document the HAVE/NEED Forum in the form of a poem. FRAN’s reading is mixed with the original music from River Yarra, who was invited to compose a score for the same event. The visuals of the video are sourced from the author’s personal archives, inviting the viewer to a meditative trip toward the emotions the co-authors have shared during the project.

Directed by Aapo Nikkanen & Léa Domingues
Edited by Mariia See 
Poem and reading by Fran
Original music by River Yarra

Roll in Circles by HAVE/NEED

Text in English:

This idea of alternative circles, uhm,
an alternative circle
Rolling in circles
Gaining momentum
Going further, still
and how we make the spin
when we just do
We shouldn’t stop
just continue
me and you
can only grow
like minds meet
In the unknown
Saying things
we haven’t said
Staying longer
than we planned
Trippin’ on someone else’s hope
Hear someone’s yes
where we’d say nope
Together in a swirl full
To the side of something awful
An alternative circle
Rolling in circles
Gaining momentum
Going further still
(Rolling in circles)
(Gaining momentum)
(Going further still)
(Rolling in circles)
(Gaining momentum)
(Going further still)
(Rolling in circles)
(Gaining momentum)


Text in Finnish:

Tämä ajatus vaihtoehtoisista ympyröistä, hmm
vaihtoehtoinen ympyrä
Pyörii ympyröissä
Saa voimaa
Menee vielä pidemmälle
ja miten me teemme pyörähdyksen
kun me vain teemme
Meidän ei pitäisi pysähtyä
vain jatkaa
minä ja sinä
voimme vain kasvaa
niin kuin sielut kohtaavat
Sanomalla asioita,
joita emme ole sanoneet
Jääden pidemmäksi aikaa
kuin mitä suunnittelimme
Antautumalla jonkun toisen toivoon
Kuulla jonkun sanovan kyllä
kun me sanoisimme ei
Yhdessä täydessä pyörteessä
Jonkun kauhean sivussa
Vaihtoehtoinen ympyrä
Pyörii ympyröissä
Saa voimaa
Menee vielä pidemmälle
(Pyörii ympyröissä)
(Saa voimaa)
(Menee vielä pidemmälle)
(Pyörii ympyröissä)
(Saa voimaa)
(Menee vielä pidemmälle)


Text in Swedish:

Den här idén om alternativa cirklar, eh,
en alternativ cirkel
Rullar i cirklar
Får fart
Går ännu längre fram
och hur vi gör svängen
när vi bara gör det
Vi borde inte sluta
bara fortsätta
jag och du
kan bara växa
som då sinnen möts
I det okända
Vi säger saker
vi inte har sagt
Stannar längre
Än vad vi planerat
Kastar in oss i någon annans hopp
Höra någons ja
Där vi hade sagt nej
Tillsammans i en virvel full
Till sidan av något hemskt
En alternativ cirkel
Rullar i cirklar
Får fart
Går ännu längre fram
(Rullar i cirklar)
(Får fart)
(Går ännu längre fram)

About the artists

Aapo Nikkanen

Aapo Nikkanen is a Finnish artist living and working in Paris. Some of his recent exhibitions include Head with Many Thoughts (Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry – le Crédac, 2022), Intimacy (Design Museum Helsinki, 2021-2022), These Trying Times (OPEN Reykjavik, 2021), Head With Many Thoughts (Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, 2020), Libros Mutantes (Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2019) and Rotterdam International Film Festival (Het Nieuwe Instituut, 2019).

The current work and research of Nikkanen focuses on multi-disciplinary, immersive pieces that mix his intimate observations with research about the ecological crisis and psychology. He looks at how these topics interconnect with consumption, art, trends, empathy, online culture and our relation to nature, as well as the possible futures that the different combinations of the above can represent.

Léa Domingues.

Léa Domingues is a researcher, thinker and maker in the fields of fashion. Rooted in social exchange, her practice focuses on the process of sourcing second-hand materials and items. The act of seeking provides fertile grounds for enriching relationships, uncovering hidden narratives, and learning about places and history. The initial discoveries in her projects create an echo chamber of increasingly profound discoveries. Guided by intuition, her personal memories lead to inquiries of different relationships towards items, and ultimately the collective narratives surrounding them.

Domingues is charge of Creative sourcing, development and strategy for regenerated materials in the fashion house Marine Serre, and has given several courses dealing with ecological topics in L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués, The École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode and Parsons Paris.

Aapo Nikkanen and Léa Domingues’ concept is realised in collaboration with Institut finlandais.


Photos by Mickael Vis.