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Kairos began as an extension of Kihwa-Endale‘s artistic practice: as a project aiming to redefine the relationship between artist, audience and creativity. Like all living things, Kairos has been evolving with time and currently is expanding into a collective.

At its heart, Kairos is a gentle space for different narratives to meet and explore artistic expression. The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfection of time and place that allow specific movements and words to happen. Similarly, this is the meaning of a host (n.).

Hosting cultural events, such as workshops, poetry sessions, and exhibitions is the main function of Kairos. Although the events are open for all, they are centered in marginalised narratives.

Through these events (and the processes behind them), Kairos practices relational presence, process-based approaches, and unpacks internalised institutions, capitalism, and colonialism. With time, Kairos expands by a re-distribution of resources and re-imagination of art spaces.

by the bend

Meeting in transient formations we become histories and futures, literal and mythical.

Irregular patterns of coincidence have brought us together again – when we meet, will we recognise each other?

‘by the bend’ is an orchestrated coincidence for us to meet again. It is a performative installation that hosts a social gathering. Guests are invited to share food and drinks and company.

Spontaneous performances are weaved into the evening as gentle disruptions that connect the ephemeral and the tangible.

‘by the bend’ is a world tinged by magical realism in deep time; here we question the existing models of participator and spectator; reality and illusion.

Date: Thursday, 7 September 2023

Time: 17:00 – 21:00

Location: Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Töölönkatu 11 A, FI-00100 Helsinki

Accessibility information for the event.

Capacity for RSVP: 50

Please read the Mindful Space Guidelines before attending the event.

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Kairos Collective’s work is realised in collaboration with the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and Frame Contemporary Art Finland; and Together Again, a project by the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Wihuri Foundation.

About the artists

Kihwa-Endale (she/her)

Kihwa-Endale (b.1992) is a spoken word poet, and painter, most commonly known for painting on mirrors. Mirrors are a tool for her to heal and bridge realities; they inherently come to life with the gaze of the viewer.

She explores themes of displaced identity, intersectional spirituality, ancient history, modern dystopias, the Internet, Nature, Love, and Liberty*.

She is also passionate about decolonizing creativity through her project ‘Kairos’, which started with the intention to connect people through creativity. The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfection of time and place that allow specific movements and words to happen. Similarly this is the meaning of a host.

With this project, Alexandra hosts events such as workshops, poetry sessions, and expansive exhibitions. Through these, a continuance is formed between audience, artist and creativity. At its heart, Kairos is a soft space for different narratives to meet and explore artistic expression.

*Liberty (n.) – the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life and being.

Visit Kihwa-Endale’s website and instagram.

Armando Tranquille (he/him)

Armando Tranquille is a Mauritian graphic designer and creative developer. His work explores the interplay of design, art, and human interaction.

Vishnu Vardhani Rajan (they/them)

Vishnu Vardhani Rajan is a body philosopher, outsider artist and autodidact. Their practice spans performance arts, movement, stand-up comedy performance poetry and film making.

Isabella Shaw

Isabella Shaw is a mezzo soprano, poet, and multidimensional artist focused on opera, early / experimental music, poetry and fiction.


Magdalena Sofia is a vocalist and afro-finnish ritual musician inspired by our relationship with nature and the power of sound that affects the emotional landscapes of the human psyche. Magdalena holds space for creative transformational experiences, that journey through the physical, spiritual and emotional realms of being.

Minjee Hwang Kim (she/her)

Minjee Hwang Kim is a visual artist from Seoul, South Korea, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. In her works, she explores looping time, warping space, and the paradox of belonging through the theme of a journey.