The Together Again Festival is a multidsiciplinery contemporary arts festival held on the 8th of September 2023 at Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Finland and online. The festival is free and open to all!

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Safer Spaces Guidelines

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes and Together Again encourage an open dialogue approach to all of our partnerships right from the early stages of collaboration. We promote trust, recognition, active listening, care, and cooperation.

Zero tolerance will be applied regarding behaviours involving any harassment, bullying, or otherwise belittling behaviour in our work. We do not use discriminatory, subordinating, repressive, or offensive terminology, not even in examples or to describe something.

We welcome a friendly and relaxed festival environment where our visitors, partners, colleagues, and collaborators can feel comfortable to be themselves.

We will ensures the practice of Safer Spaces at the festival through:

  • Active listening and recognition of all bodies, stories and identities.
  • Active listening and consideration of every witness of harassment and discrimination.

During the festival we expect that our collaborators, visitors and audiences to:

  • Respect the opinions of others, and consider that we are all coming from different backgrounds, reasonings, influences, and personal foundations.
  • Not discriminate against or harass any parties involved in the collaboration, including fellow artists, staff, organisers, and partners.
  • Not use derogatory, discriminatory, and offensive language. We appreciate that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but we do expect that if mistakes are made they are also addressed appropriately, and not repeated.
  • Avoid defensive responses if someone corrects you for problematic behaviour. Do not let your own emotions cloud your judgement, but listen to the feedback, apologise, and learn why the feedback was made. Think about your privilege and acknowledge the privileges that you have.
  • Ensure that all involved in the festival are informed of any recording, filming, or photography and have agreed to the use of the image and/or sound.

Ignoring and disrespecting these guidelines repeatedly will lead to removal from the festival space/s.

Let’s work together for a safer and respectful space!